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Welcome to Eisenmann Australia, manufacturers of the highest quality hand made exhaust systems. We have exhaust systems to fit most popular European car makes and models, as well as some Japanese cars.To get started, simply enter the model of your car in the search box below and find your perfect Eisenmann exhaust today!

    Video - F8x M3/M4

    Check out this video of our brand new F8x M3/M4 exhaust systems.

    This is in our opinion one of the finest sounding Eisenmann exhaust systems to date. If you've got an M3 or and M4 and you don't have one of these, you're missing out.

    Video - F10 M5

    Check out this video of our popular F10 M5 system in action. That sweet sound you're hearing is our F10 M5 Race performance system with 4 x 102mm tips, and centre pipes.

    The Eisenmann Race system transforms the normally sophisticated but still amazing tone of the stock F10 M5 exhaust into the roar of the turbo V8 beast that it is. You'll be hard pressed to find a better sounding exhaust system than this hand made Eisenmann.

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