Welcome to Eisenmann Australia, the exclusive Australian distributor for Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GMBH.

Eisenmann’s expert fabricators have been hand-crafting exhaust systems since 1988, and carry their old-world tradition into the 21st century. Eisenmann’s engineering team has been an innovator in the exhaust manufacturing industry for years, and continues to offer it’s clients the latest in computer aided design as well as lab analysis and testing. It is precisely these skills that have earned Eisenmann contracts as the OE suppliers to Porsche AG, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes McLaren, Rieger Tuning GmbH, MST Wiesmann GmbH, and many other major firms.

Eisenmann systems feature an aggressive tone, and target the luxury European car owner who is proud of their car and want to be noticed. Each exhaust system is made from 100% 304 stainless steel and is manufactured to OEM or better specification, combining the latest in technology with handmade, top quality craftsmanship. The result is an exhaust that fascinates the senses with its performance, style and sound. Eisenmann exhausts elevate the driving experience to a whole new level!

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Eisenmann’s Stuttgart-based engineers have leveraged 30 years of heritage as Germany’s premier exhaust manufacturer as well as decades of experience as OE designers and manufacturers for Porsche and Mercedes-AMG to create the BMW F8x M3/M4 exhaust system.

Each system is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel, with a specific attention to wall thickness throughout to create the best combination of fantastic sound and reduced weight.


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F80 M3 F82  M4 F83 M4


Introducing the all new Eisenmann Performance Exhaust Systems for the F20 M140i and F22/F23 M240i.

Made from high grade 304 stainless steel, these systems have been specifically designed to bring out the pure emotion of BMW’s latest generation of engines and possess Eisenmann’s trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM.




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F20 M140i F22  M240i F23 M240i