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General Questions

  • I have seen an Eisenmann Exhaust System listed for my car elsewhere but can’t find it on the Eisenmann Australia site?
    Eisenmann has quite a large range of exhaust systems available for many different models which is constantly being updated. If you have seen an Eisenmann Exhaust System listed elsewhere but can't seem to find it on our site then please just get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to advise you a price and provide you with any information your require.
  • Do you offer any discount for trade or wholesale customers?
    Yes we do! Please contact us with any trade or wholesale enquiries you may have.
  • Do you sell Eisenmann Exhaust Systems to any other countries other than Australia?
    Eisenmann Australia is the officially appointed distributor for Eisenmann Exhaust Systems in Australia and do not sell exhaust systems outside our market. Having said that, Eisenmann Exhaust Systems have a larger distributor network set up all around the world and would be more than happy to put you into contact with the correct source for your market.
  • How long will it take for my Eisenmann Exhaust System to arrive?
    Each Eisenman Exhaust System is individually hand made to order in Germany. This means that the typical wait time from order date to delivery date is between 6 and 10 weeks, excluding any customs delays that are out of our control. Eisenmann Australia does however keep a number of the most popular systems in stock which are available for immediate dispatch/installation.
  • Should I go with the Sport or Race tone for my car?
    Most Eisenmann Exhaust systems are available in 2 volume versions – the Sport or the Race. The 'Sport' level ideal for those who use their vehicle on a daily basis. The 'Race' level is more suited to the more spirited driver and occasional track day user but is designed for off road use only. To put it more simply, the Sport is for those who just want a little extra and the Race is for those who like their car to be loud. Both versions are available for the same price and will come with Eisenmann's trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM.
  • What materials will my Eisenmann Exhaust System be made from?
    Eisenmann systems provide proof every day of the first-class work of our specialists, whether they are made of highest quality 100% 304 stainless steel or mufflers that are manufactured for motor sports using high performance INCONEL® technology. Every single sport muffler is handcrafted and perfectly coordinated for a particular vehicle and purpose. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems does not compromise on quality. Our products set standards, for design and workmanship as well as for performance and sound. This is why renowned manufacturers rely on Eisenmann, for example Porsche AG, which uses exclusive “Made by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems” in its sports cars.


  • Will I be required to make any modifications to my vehicle to install my Eisenmann Exhaust System?
    In most cases, no but there is some systems that will require some slight modifications during installation. This will typically be outlined in the product description page, with Eisenmann Exhaust Systems that offer additional tip size, styling or quantity being the main exhaust that require some modification. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions around your installation requirements before placing your order.
  • Can I have my new exhaust installed by Eisenmann Australia?
    If you are local to us in Melbourne, Victoria, we are more than happy to help out with in house installation at Southern BM in Moorabbin. If you are an interstate customer then we can also work with your preferred installer to provide them with any support they require to get your car fitted with your new Eisenmann system.


  • Will I have to pay any import taxes when my exhaust arrives into Australia?
    To put it simply, no. The beauty of buying through Eisenmann Australia is there is no further or hidden costs when you exhaust system arrives into the country - the exhaust price you pay is all inclusive. This means you get your hand made exhaust system faster without the hassles of having to pay further import taxes or duties.
  • What is the shipping cost?
    All Eisenmann Exhaust Systems includes free shipping Australia-wide in the purchase price via TNT Road Express. If you have special freight requirements then it would be best to contact us before placing an order.


  • I have purchased an item that has arrived damaged or defective, what do I do now?
    We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so please contact us with any issues or concerns you may have on your purchase. We will then deal with the problem immediately as customer satisfaction is our number of focus.
  • What kind of warranty do I have with my Eisenmann Exhaust System?
    All Eisenmann Exhaust Systems purchased through Eisenmann Australia come with a two year warranty from the original delivery date. It is always best to keep your proof of purchase as this only applies to systems that have been sold officially by Eisenmann Australia and not other Eisenmann Exhaust System that have been grey imported from other sources.