Eisenmann BMW F8X M2 Competition / M3 /M4 Downpipes

Eisenmann BMW F8X M2 Competition / M3 /M4 Downpipes
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BMW F87 M2 Competition

BMW F80 M3 Sedan

BMW F82 M4 Coupe

BMW F83 M4 Convertible


The Eisenmann BMW F8X M2C/M3/M4 Downpipes are designed to with the BMW F8X M3/M4 Performance Exhaust System. Engine ECU tuning or the Eisenmann OBD Module is required to remove CEL warnings due to the increased exhaust flow.


Note: Downpipes are for off-road use only.


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For the ultimate in tuning potential and exhaust sound, Eisenmann offers these stainless steel catless downpipes to make the F8X M2C / M3 / M4 an even more powerful machine. They are designed for dedicated track-day cars and enthusiasts, and it will also add to the overall experience of what’s already a stunning performance car.

The catalytic converters found in the factory downpipes are the primary causes of exhaust flow restriction. Exhaust gas must pass through the catalytic converter’s these tiny honeycomb weaves on their way to the exhaust system, thus restricting flow. Eisenmann’s catless downpipes offer massive reduction in exhaust back pressure, allowing for more power and faster turbo spooling. Due to the increase exhaust flow, engine ECU tuning or the Eisenmann ODB module will be required to remove any CEL warning that might appear.

Eisenmann downpipes have a flex section that is critical to operation of the downpipe. F8X M cars have an exhaust to downpipe connection that uses a “floating” gasket- that is to say, the downpipe flange moves on the downpipe, and the gasket is only fixed between the downpipe and exhaust with pressure applied from the fasteners. The flex section of the downpipe enables the it to move with the exhaust system, maintaining proper exhaust gasket alignment and minimizing leaks at that point. A fixed downpipe with no flex section will not move with the exhaust, putting additional load on the gasket and limiting its ability to create a good seal therefore harming the efficiency.


Eisenmann systems provide proof every day of the first-class work of our specialists, whether they are made of highest quality stainless steel or mufflers that we manufacture for motor sports using high performance INCONEL® technology. Every single sport muffler is handcrafted and perfectly coordinated for a particular vehicle and purpose. Eisenmann Exhaust Systems does not compromise on quality. Our products set standards, for design and workmanship as well as for performance and sound. This is why renowned manufacturers rely on us, for example Porsche AG, which uses exclusive  “Made by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems” in its sports cars.